North Bali Jungle Walk

North Bali Jungle Walk 

On the Jungle Walk you Will experience ;  See the giant trees,  Cannoeing on the Lake,  Waterfall, Balinese Lunch.

See the Giant trees

The rain forest trek takes around 2 hours exploring into the jungle, the giant tree long the way trek and see any kind of the tropical trees making your mind entering totally into the different world. the unique in the jungle there are temple of Hindhu and Budhist, it is very peacefull to relax and the feel the jungle atmosphere for a small meditate.

Cannoeing on the Lake

on the way turn back from the trek we cross the lake by the Dugout canoe, Fantastic! the water lake so calm and make your mind so peacefull during cross the lake.

Visit the Munduk waterfall

visit the Munduk waterfall it takes about 20 minutes walk down to the beautiful valley panorama, along the way we can observe any kind tropical plants that grow along the way such as Jack fruit, coffee plant, taro, cocoa and many more. after visit Munduk waterfall visit Putu and Ria home to enjoy the Balinese Lunch cook by Ria.

  • Enjoy Balinese Lunch at Putu and Ria House.

The Balinese Lunch cooked by Ria, her talent to cook based one use the fresh ingredient spicies in her own style, special recipes  made with Love.



Option Tour 3:

Exclusive Tour ( 2 Days 1 Night Tour)

1st Day Tour;

pick you up at 9 am from your hotel you maight stay in Middle Bali or South Bali area.

The Jungle Walk

Munduk Waterfall

Hotel in Lovina area

Mayong Cultural Walk

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